Jun 09

Few Stunning Landmine Exercises You Never Tried

Landmine Exercises

When it comes to high-quality strength training, there is no better tool available than the landmine for the lifters. Do you wish to know more about landmine twist? This is the right article for you to know about this unique landmine workout. If you need more information about this wonderful landmine moves, log on to the website mayoclinic.org and get benefitted. If you are a lucky lifter, you will surely have access to your landmine in your local gym.

Being a very humble-looking gadget, the landmine apparatus is basically a short cylindrical tube mounted to a swivel joint. You can always see this versatile and effective workout tool which is generally placed in the corner of the gym. The real purpose of this wonderful gadget is to increase the functional strength and enhance the overall performance of the athletes. By inserting one end of the Olympic bar into this landmine, one can load the other end of the bar to execute a wide range of angular as well as rotational exercises.

What makes landmine exercises special?
Yes, the landmine is unique and special for which it is intended for. Just imagine your basic training activities include movements such as pressing lunging, squatting, rotation, pulling and so on. Most of these activities are considered to be the hardest to pull off with good form, which most of the lifters try as their first attempt. In this context, landmine comes very handily for these lifters, as it makes all these movements better accessible, especially for the lifters who have some mobility restrictions. Landmine offers the lifters to perform any activity with least risk of injury.

List of landmine exercises

Landmine Squats: This unique workout improves muscles and explosiveness in the legs. This is a boon exercise for the beginner in helping them to learn to squat and also know to be the best alternative for those who have mobility issues. This is considered to be much easier than the traditional barbell back and front squat.

Landmine Thruster: This type works on butts, legs, shoulders and helps to develop the overall body strength and power. Undoubtedly, this landmine thruster is more user-friendly than the barbell thrusters.

Rotational Single-Arm Press: This is yet another useful type which builds rotational strength and power. This is pretty useful to learn to develop more power through the glutes. It is a versatile exercise tool, for players who play baseball, tennis, golf and even boxing. The slight forward path of the bar offers easy variations than the vertical press variations.

The list goes to more type of landmine exercises one can perform with least efforts. For the benefit of the beginners, few tips are given here to get familiar with these landmine tools.
Tips for safe landmine lifting
•One needs to concentrate on form and adapting to the workouts for the first few lessons. It is always suggested to begin the exercise with lighter weight and move gradually to more weights.
•After seeing the improvements in movements, more weights can be added.
As landmine tools are plate-loadable, it is easy for the beginners

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