Jan 10

What Are The Health Benefits That Come With Chocolate?


The divine food for the gods derives its name from the Latin word Theobroma Cacao. The history of dark chocolate is not unveiled to many. This is the time to understand the rich history behind the healing powers of dark chocolate. Forget about cheap candy bars and other chocolates available in the market that just offer a metaphor but the real benefits lie in the richness of dark chocolate. Godiva truffles Canada is a popular for its gourmet chocolates for more than 80 years. The significance of chocolate is elaborated in mensfitness.com and how it plays a vital role in fighting diseases by acting as powerful antioxidant.

What more chocolates can control your biology? It comes with lot of goodness than you can expect. Chocolates are happiness stimulators, dopamine, serotonin and endorphins can make you feel happy. Similar to coffee, chocolate also is a rich source of polyphenol antioxidants. The major ingredient in chocolate, cacao has the potential to improve the blood flow in the body. It also helps in providing beneficial changes in the gut bacteria. So if you thought, chocolate is just tasty, go on, read to find out more and be pleasantly surprised.

Enhances the mood
Within no time of consuming chocolate you are sure to find an uplift in your mood. You will feel less stressed even in a tensed situation, reveals a study. The study tested sustained attention on those consuming cocoa flavored milk and found that they have less fatigue when compared to those who do not consume cocoa.

Controls your appetite
Chocolate consumption reduces your appetite. A sample of participates consuming 100gms of chocolate in milk do not feel hungry even after two hours. The following meal calorie was lowered by 17% in the chocolate drinker group. This is due to the casein binding polyphenols in the chocolate making it unavailable to the body. The latest is the addition of XCT Oil to improve the effect.

A healthy heart
Regular consumers of chocolate have a healthy heart. The polyphenols reduces the HDL cholesterol and decreases oxidized LDL cholesterol. Others include a higher level of nitric oxide circulation and decreased platelet adhesion. All this results in an increase in endothelial function.

Get a glowing skin
Your face is the mirror of your body. If you are healthy your face glows. With so many health benefits in chocolate, it is but natural for your face to shine. A study conducted among women, consuming high flavanol and low flavanol for a period of 12 weeks goes to prove that women with high flavanol consumption saw a healthy and glowing skin with greater skin density and better hydration. On the contrary those with low flavanol consumption do not showcase any marked change in their skin.

Anti-aging properties
Cacao improves the mitochondrial biogenesis. The flavonol epicatechin in chocolate is the reason for mitogenesis.

While consuming chocolate, make sure it is 85 percent dark. European chocolates are low in mold toxins as they are strictly regulated. There are host of recipes that can be created with chocolate. Instead of consuming in its original form, you can add exciting combinations to make eating chocolate a pleasure.

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